It’s official, the holidays have started. see the Umhlanga Festival details for 2015 here!


Ok so I have been absent….FB seems to

Ok so I have been absent….FB seems to have won out a little this last few months.
Anyway, I decided to take a walk around Umhlanga Village today and see what’s what. And there are a pile of new restaurants to try out alongside all the old favorites.
This one is below Little Havana for those of you familiar with Umhlanga. this is 14 on chartwell, follow the link to see the article about it. This is a brilliant concept restuarant and is a must your executives in need of office space.

Downtown has also opened, but i cannot see to find a link – it seems to be an american diner type restaurant but I may be wrong – one thing I do know, it has sea views from the balcony!

Maritimos seems to be a rising favorite if for nothing else than they too have a balcony on the beachfront walk with wonderful views.

Lastly there is a Greek restaurant as well

Will have to try that one without my hubby.

Well enjoy everyone and hopefully you will have some interesting experiences to share when you visit!

I can go all year and not have any awkwa

I can go all year and not have any awkward moments with guests – My hubby leaves to go fishing and I almost end up checking in 2 lots of guests in my robe – and no we are not that type of place!!!! LOL Their timing, and mine was lousy! Yeserday it was out if the shower and today it was post doggy bath(which usually means I get bathed with them)……

Well another Durban July done and dusted

Well another Durban July done and dusted. Been a really hectic couple of weeks. Loads of poeple here in Umhlanga – big parties on the go and stunning weather.
School hols as well as surf competition and house and garden show – So Durban rocks this time of year and not only for the weather!

Long time no post!!!! It has been an eve

Long time no post!!!! It has been an eventful few weeks down here, with some absolutely amazing weather, but we need RAIN!!! I am really hoping the front from the Cape will bring some!
Comrades wenbt well for a lot of runners but unfortunately a couple of our guests missed medal cutoffs by 3 second and 3 mins – oh well another year will maybe do it. But really, this has to have been one of the busiest Comrades I have encountered!
I have also been busy purging all my old items and now have a substantial pile of seconds that Reinhard will be redistributing down on the Wild Coast – it is always good to give a little back in some small way and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
Keep warm everyone we are about to join the winter crowd!!! Not really….don’t forget it is never cold here!

It has been a busy 2 weeks with all the

It has been a busy 2 weeks with all the activities going on this time of year.
We started with May day weekend and then Reinhard dissappeared to do some fishing in Port St John’s and then the Indaba weekend and Mothers day. Reinhard disappeared again for a fishing social on saturday! Is he trying to tell me something:) Then there was the neon fun run on saturday as well.
Mother’s day was great with a visit down the south coast to Fun place to go if you like coffee/food or mountain biking. Then we went a little further up the road to , what a great place, 2 restaurants great Deli and fruit and veg market and then activities too many to mention. Needless to say we all enjoyed ourselves.
The indaba in spite of being a record size trade show was sadly poorly attended and a disappointment to our Indaba guests. i hope it does not happen next year. In spite of that they had great weather for the show which historically is always awful for them!
I am always reminded of how many really great events and places there are right on our doorstep wheneve we get a chance to partake….
Check out this weeks pics!

We have been doing some recce’s on plac

We have been doing some recce’s on places we keep recommending to guests and have been very pleasantly surpirsed so far. In spite of the “zenophobia” we were in Durban CBD today and all is quiet. We visited Wilson’s Wharf (could do with some TLC) but the fish and chips at Pirates Arms was amazing! A nice harbour cruise goes from there and you can organise some Deep Sea Fishing trips as well.